Saturday, 6 October 2012



Locate a keyboard; notice the appearance of the keyboard.


1.     There are 2 kinds of keyboards:

o   XT keyboards.
o   AT keyboards.

         XT keyboards are usually 83-key keyboards.

        AT keyboards are usually 101-key keyboards.

        Some keyboards have an XT/AT mode switch on the bottom.

2.     Plug the keyboard into the appropriate test PC and turn on both the monitor and PC.

3.     Use some kind of software to test the keyboard's operation (Checkit, XT or AT diagnostics, etc.)

4.     If the keyboard works properly (that means ALL the keys work), label the keyboard and store it in the appropriate place in the lab.

5.     If the keyboard does not work correctly, test and make sure that the keyboard is attached to the correct PC.

6.     If the keyboard is REALLY DEAD, indicate this on the dead keyboard log and dispose of the keyboard.

7.     If you need assistance, let someone know. If you're unsure of whether a keyboard is OK or not, label the keyboard as such and move on.

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