Friday, 16 November 2012

Tips for Laptop Screen Repair

Three Tips for Laptop Screen Repair :

1.  Do not take your laptop to a PC repair in Surrey for laptop screen replacement
when you notice a flickering image on the laptop. In many cases it is not the screen
that is causing the problem. The problem may lie with the inverter which supplies
power. Replacing the inverter will do the trick.


                                                       Laptop Screen Repair

2.  If the screen is lit, but displays only white colour then the problem must be in
the connection between the system board and display. Tighten it if it is loose and
replace it if is damaged.

3. The laptop computer repair people also told me that in quite many cases where
people complain of a faint display on their laptops, they have either accidentally
lowered the brightness from under the power option in the control panel of the
operating system, or the backlight of the screen is not properly adjusted.


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